Untold Facts About Penis Enlargement

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0 January 08, 2019

It is rare to find a man who has no desire to increase the size of his penis. Whether it is man or woman, most of the individual believes that size is essential for a quality sexual experience. 

In that case, it is true that numerous exercises can amplify the size of a cock. By practicing the appropriate exercises, a significant improvement in the size of the cock can be observed in 6 months.   

The given below points highlight the different facts that can help in improving the size of a penis.

  • The stretching exercises

The most common stretching exercise is using the hand to massage the tissues along the length of your cock. It not only stretches the skin but also creates micro-tears amidst the tissue. In this way, the muscles might appear that they are engorged, but they heal with time. Doing this exercise for months shows quality improvements in the size of a dick. Even there are exercises which are meant for increasing the girth of a penis. The common girth exercises are jelqing that is based on tissue massage. It is not uncommon that many people often wonder about how to increase penis girth with proper exercises.

Overall, an improvement in the size of a penis is only possible when consistency is maintained to achieve the desired results.

  • Stretching devices

Don’t get surprised but there are actual stretching devices that are meant to bring improvement in the size of a penis. However, it is also a fact that the researchers are still uncertain about penile extension devices regarding the certainty of results that it promises to the people.

For example, the cylinder-shaped device called a penis pump is quite common in the field of penile enlargement apparatuses. It has an air-filled chamber which has been given for attaching the device to the pelvic area. It is said that the penis plump provides immediate erection as well as using it frequently has shown a significant increase in the length of a penis.  

  • Research says

According to research work, the penis stretching exercises are limited in number. Furthermore, no particular technique is known for ensuring a permanent increase in the length of a penis. Nonetheless, it may assure a temporary increase in the size of a cock. Based on a review in the year 2010, it was found that the Andropenis stretching devices showed an increase in the size with daily usage. Another research done in 2011 shows that usage of traction devices for nine hours a day showed improvements of an inch in length. At the same time, there is also a report that showed negligible improvements when traction devices were used for the same purpose.

  • Stretching safely

There is no harm in stretching exercises when it comes to amplifying the length of your dick. It also feels safe and comfortable without the use of any devices. Before you do any manual stretching, here are the things you should remember for expecting a healthy result.

  1. Stop if the exercise is causing you pain or making you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Stand against the wall when doing the exercise or sit comfortably with a focused mind.
  3. Don’t repeat the exercise more than once or twice in a single month.
  4. Get advice from your doctor before starting to continue doing these exercises or for doing it frequently.

On a concluding note, make sure to follow the exercises that come from a genuine source. Moreover, do not forget to read the guidelines before attempting anything for increasing the size of your penis.

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