Nitric Oxide in Your System Is the Key to Sustain an Erection

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0 April 25, 2018

Men have a hard time understanding the fact that getting an erection and sustaining an erection are different ball-games altogether. These are two different processes but at the heart of the matter, heavily dependent on nitric oxide in your body. For those who are wondering ‘how to increase penis size’ or ‘how to sustain a prolonged erection’, must understand that these are separate issues.

How does Nitric Oxide help you sustain an Erection?

John Anderson in his manual ‘Natural Research’ has the discussed biological reasoning behind these challenges. Although men can suffer from both counts of these challenges or either one, they can be cured by following the natural steps, guidance and physiological understanding offered in the book. For instance, the book goes into details about how nitric oxide released by the nerve endings triggers the erection of a man. This nitric oxide is released by the nerve endings inside the human phallus to act as a neurotransmitter of sorts and after serving its purpose, it breaks down. Once the blood is pumped into the penis; the blood vessels inside the organ release more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a relaxant by nature as well; hence, once this neurotransmitter signals for the blood vessels to be open, more blood is pumped to the penis than before, to sustain the erection. The increase of pressure on the blood vessel walls further encourages nitric oxide secretion, aiding in maintaining the erection.

How to Increase Nitric Oxide Release?

By the time a man reaches middle-age, nitric oxide production in his body deteriorates by a considerable percentage. Middle-aged men often overthink their performance challenges and how to increase penis size. The degree of dysfunction that may be hampering your life is proportional to the nitric oxide secretion capability of your body. According to the male enhancement manual ‘More Power For Men’, men can increase the amount of nitric oxide in their body by following the natural remedies mentioned in the book, More Power For Men by John Anderson.

Now men do not have to worry about male enhancement and Erectile Dysfunction as John Anderson is his best selling manual ‘More Power For Men’ has discussed the issue in great detail and reveals ground-breaking and clinically proven, science-based natural methods to enhance the size of the male penis as well as given us detailed outlines for curing erectile dysfunction.

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