Are You Speculating About The Average Penis Length?

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0 December 20, 2018

What is the average size of a penis?

This question comes in the mind of every man at some point in their life. It is nothing new that men have always given much importance on the length of their penis. Based on the study published by the British Journal of Urology, the average penis length at its full erection is 5.16 inches. On the other hand, the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches. At the same time, the average girth of a flaccid penis is 3.66 inches, but the average girth of an erect penis is 4.59 inches. Well, girth is the circumference of the penis at its broadest area.

It is also true that the masculinity of a man has been measured by the size of his penis for a very long time. From many ages, it has been symbolized for strength, virility, fertility, courage and ability. Even it has been observed that some men went to extreme methods to increase the size of their penis. Several tribes used to get their penis stung by bees, and some others have been known to use the venom of poisonous snakes to enlarge and thicken the size of their penis.

Many men do not feel confident because of their small size. It affects their social life, especially in urinals, shared showering rooms to eluding intimate relationship with women.

How to measure your penis?

  • We men start comparing the size of our penis from our childhood. Furthermore, anxiety and fear work on those men who think they have a small penis based on the size they see in pornography websites. Also, negative remarks from a childhood friend as well as a sexual partner affect mentally to some people.


  • In reality, most men and women have a wrong idea about the average penis length which is why they make fanciful assumptions out of ignorance. In that case, if you feel that your penis is below the average size then get undressed and look at the mirror. The penis appears longer as well as larger when viewed   from above.


  • Even some boys take out their ruler or a measuring tape to get an idea about the size of their penis in inches. However, there is no use of doing it when the penis is in a flaccid condition. The reason is, the length of a flaccid penis can vary because of different circumstances. Sometimes the temperature of the room is also an essential factor that influences the size of a penis. 


  • Measuring the size of a penis in full erection shows the real length of it in actuality. Make sure to measure the length from the top of the penis to the tip of the glans. The top of the penis is the place where it connects the pubic bone. On the other hand, the glans is the full round part of it where the urinal opening is located. 


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